January 15, 2011

pin up

Speed paint based on a photograph of Marilyn Monroe :

January 10, 2011

stand up! (2)

i tried another kind of emotion this time! (updated version)

January 08, 2011

"le hameau de marie antoinette"

i went to Versailles last week with my family, and we visited the marie antoinette's hamlet.. a picture i took that day inspired me for this speed painting

January 06, 2011

Hairing stuffs + happy new year + resolutions

I tried out something ... i made the brush myself and i'm pretty happy with it ^^ (even if the proportions are no good or whatever, that's not the point!)

By the way, happy new year to everybody! i wish you a 2011 full of work and drawings!

What i wish for this year is to find some interesting jobs in 2d animation or illustration, i'd like you to like my work of course, and i'm planning with 2 of my friends to go to japan and south korean this spring, so i wish us a lot of fun an stuffs to discover \o/

I'll come back soon with some more speedpaints! that's my resolution for 2011 : mooooooooooore drawings/speedpaints/illustrations! A friend of mine commissioned me 4 artworks for this year, the 4 seasons! I'm happy he did that, it's always pleasant when people like your work :)

And you, what are your resolutions?