May 29, 2011


Long time no see! I had some computer problems for a while, and i had to buy a new one because the old one just crashes all the time while working... So, here's a little watercolor I did. A new one will soon come, promise^^ And i wish to make some more speedpaints too, i like this technique, for having to go quickly to the essential of the subject, I think it's a good exercise. And sometimes it can looks great too!

May 09, 2011

May 07, 2011


Watercolor I did for a chibi serie I just began! The first serie is composed by 5 pieces, and this is the life :

May 02, 2011

Birthday Card

yesterday i did some craft... this is a birthday card i did for a friend born in july but i was borred and had nothing to do so i just did her card. I didn't had anymore glue so i made it myself with some water and flour, and i can tell it works well ^^

here are some sketches before the card