August 30, 2011

it's been a long time

Hello! I'm sorry i didn't post any news so long, but i was doing some houseworks at my place, like painting the kitchen and the wc, etc. By the way, i still have to re-do my floor... and after that i had a kind of training on a new software i didn't know yet called "toon boom animation pro", but now it's okay, i'm mastering it muahahaa! Well, I hope you'll get back very soon because i'm gonna update this blog very often !! I have a lots of projects, and i hope i can realize them very regularly so you can see about it! Waiting for this, i'll post here the picture a kiriban i ran at my deviantart for the 12.345 pageviews ^^

August 02, 2011

Paris Cabaret Pin up!

I made this piece reminding myself the firewoks of july 14th, the french national day! I could see it through my window (ain't you jealous? ;p) and finally, 2 weeks later it has grown up and became ... this! :

Hope you'll enjoy it!

Oh, and by the way, the print is avalaible at my Etsy! :)