September 24, 2011

Pisces watercolor illustration - zodiac 12 of 12

Annnnd finally here is the last one : pisces! it's one of my favorites, i really like her face and breasts, i think she is really cute and warm and charmy, and... no okay i'm not in love with her, but what kind of artist would i be if i didn't like my own art? ;p On sale on etsy of course^^

 the sketch here :

September 22, 2011


My sign! I'm an aquarius. I love swimming, though it is an air sign....and this one is also on sale on etsy.

September 20, 2011

Capricorn watercolor illustration - zodiac 10 of 12

Hi! Today is the day of the 10th sign of the zodiacs : Capricorn! Tough i don't really know why it beggins with the aries? I imagine it's because before the year was beggining at the spring, and not the 1st of january, but at the spring equinox,wich is symbolically really more interesting and normal, as the spring is known for the renew, the life, the reproduction season, well : the beggining of a new year!

I like that one too ^^

At first i imagined the tail was green, but finally i prefered make it orange with  small points of silvery! and i think i did right lol

September 18, 2011

Sagittarius zodiac watercolor original artwork

Another zodiac : the sagittarius. This one is particularly nice, and i had a lot of pleasure doing it. On sale on etsy of course.

September 16, 2011

Scorpio watercolor illustration - zodiac 8 of 12

Hi there! Here is the Scorpio watercolor, and once again, i LOVE red haired girls!! On sale on Etsy of course.

 And here the sketch :

September 08, 2011

Cancer Watercolor illustration - zodiac 4 of 12

Here is the cancer! Oh my, i love red haired girls! I really like that one, and the sea is cool i think! On sale on Etsy of course.

The sketch here:

September 06, 2011

Gemini Watercolor illustration - zodiac 3 of 12

Let's continue our zodiac series with the next sign : Gemini! I hope you'll like it! I really enjoyed making this one, i love the curves of the two females, and the fleshy legs! It was very pleasing to draw :) On sale on Etsy, once again!

As usually here's the sketch. The brown haired should be dressed in green but she would have totally disappeared in the background so i finally dressed her with a blue dress. And it's okay with her hair color so... i'm happier with the final version^^

September 04, 2011

Taurus Watercolor illustration - zodiac 2 of 12


As promised, here is the next one : the Taurus ! For all those who are born between april 21st and may 20th! I particularly like that one, and i enjoyed making it :) As usually, you will find some extra pictures on Etsy.

Extra picture here : the sketch! Definetly i like those sketches! I might try one day making a sketch not being a sketch anymore but with the spontanity of it!

Aries watercolor illustration - zodiac sign 1 of 12

Hey! As I showed you few days ago, I was working on a serie of 12 illustrations : the 12 zodiaques. I tried to be creative and using cute girlies as usual, cause i like them a lot, you know it. Anyway, this is the first of the twelve watercolors i made, and i hope, as usual, you'll like it. This one is for those who are born between march 21st and april 20th : Aries. And, as usual, on sale on Etsy (and there are also some extra pictures if you want to check).

 The watercolors are not yet signed, I'll sign them when it's bought, that way the ink will be the same for the signature & the few words i'll write for the buyer if i'm asked for.

Here's an extra photo of the sketch i made first. I like those sketches because they are very rough and spontaneous!

September 02, 2011

it smells like a new project, don't you think? After walking on the sketches, my cat decided that it would be more comfortable on watercolor paper ready to be painted.... (that's the bowl of dark fur on the right top corner....)

I hope to show you more very soon ;)