June 30, 2011

Greek pin up in a forest + Etsy shop !

I'm done for the moment with the speedpaintings (for the moment!) So now, i made this piece of art. I hope you like it. I like that style and i think i'll be doing like this for a while^^ I also opened an ETSY shop, and this piece is avalaible! You'll get a signed print if you order it, and for the launching of my shop, the coupon code OFF30 gives you 30% off !!

June 27, 2011

Speed painting...

This is the picture of the new design of the blog, hope you like it (both picture and simple design^^). I decided to draw a city scenery cause I never had the occasion yet. For a first attempt, i think it's okay :)

June 23, 2011

one more speedpainting

this one was very very speed painting after few attempts that didn't worked at all.

June 14, 2011

Annecy 2011


I've been off to Annecy for the annual animation film festival! It was so GREAT!!

Here are some pics of the town, really cute!

I saw a lot of movies, short, long, study, in or out competition, it was fantastic, I never ate so many movies in so few time! It was really cool, I met some very interesting people, and I learned a lot of things attempting to some speaches, so I really appreciated it! The only bad thing is that I caught a cold, so I couldn't be at my best brain capacities all the time!

Here are some movies I really appreciated (no particular order) :

You can click on each names of the movie to access to the description.

Long movies :




Short movies :

Fluffy Mc Cloud

Oh Happy Day 

Die Kiste

La nuit de l'ours

M'├ęchapper de son regard



Don't tell Santa you're Jewish!



Something left, something taken

La D├ętente


Viagem a Cabo Verde

A morning Stroll

Chroniques de la poisse

I have also attended to a projection of Vinton's short movies, it was really interesting! There were few stop motion movies, that himself has picked as the best/more interesting of his work, and I must admitt that now that I've seen those movies, I want to see more movies from Vinton!^^

But, to me, the BEST PROJECTION EVER was the Disney's Laugh-O-Grams projection! Why? Because in the first part, there were (in world premiere) the restoration of some mute early Disney movies, and the president of the festival was live playing piano as it was at the projection in that time! It was so gorgeous!!
Sorry for the bad quality, that's the only "acceptable" picture I could take with my cell phone. The little (little little) light on the left is the President of the festival playing piano.

And to finish, I attended to some speaches from the Walt Disney Animation Studio team, I learned a lot of things and I could Speack to Dawn Rivera-Ernster (sorry I couldn't get a picture of her ) and Clay Kaytis that has helped me figure out one or two important points about important stuffs^^

From left to right :
Mike Giaimo, Art Director / Paul Briggs, Storyboard Supervisor / Clay Kaytis & John Karhs, Animation Supervisors.

And finally (really finally) I had the chance to chat a little little bit with Bill Plympton, and he dedicated me a kind of newspaper or something!

June 04, 2011


As promised, a new watercolor^^ This is inspired from the fairytail written by Grimms brothers about a water sprite and a miller. There's a lack of light effects i think, but i'm getting better (i hope...)