June 28, 2012

100th blog post givaway results !

Hi there ! Finally here are the results of the 100th post givaway !! And the winner is .....

Please contact me within 7 days at mamitamtam @ gmail.com (without spaces) to give me your adress so I can send the gifts to your place ♥ 

I'm sorry for the other contestants, thanks for gave it a try ! However, if they want to order in my etsy shop or a commission on deviantart or by mail, I will give them 10% off on their order as a thanking for their participation ♥ Just contact me by email too if you want some n__n   

Thanks everyone, see you very soon ! ♥

June 25, 2012

Feliane commission

This is a character from Feliane's books serie (in french) Les mondes d'Amarande. This is Djaiana's daughter (grown up of course).  The same than for Djaiana, the character on a washi ! I really enjoyed the book ! Plus, she commissionned me all her heroines in pj's, I'm so happy she liked my work ♥ Thank you ! Now I'm going to read the next book so I can make the next commission n_n
P.S. : I didn't forget the givaway, the next post will be on this topic !

June 22, 2012

Etsy commission sexy fairy warrior

Here is a commission I did on Etsy! It's a fanart of the movie wizzards (1977). If you want some please contact me by email at mamitamtam @ gmail.com (without spaces) or through my etsy http://www.etsy.com/shop/artoftam ! :) I send my commissionner a picture he was so happy he can't wait to recieve it!

June 19, 2012

wedding invitation!

I did this "wedding" invitation for friends. It's not a wedding because in France we have something called "pacs" that is alike but easier to stop than a divorce or what. It's the step before the wedding if I can say! Hope you like it as much as my friends ♥

Don't forget to enter my givaway simply by commenting my 100th blogpost ! You can win some amazing gifts and you have until june 23rd! ♥

June 16, 2012

100th blog post givaway !!

Hi people! I'm very proud to announce you that I reached the 100th blog post! ♥ For this special occasion, I will do a givaway! To participate simply comment this article! You have until June, 23rd! One random contestant will be the winner and will win 1 poster + 3 postcard size prints (without any postal fees or whatever)! If enough contestants ( > 11), a second lottery will point out a 2nd winner and for the 2nd place it will be 3 postcards size prints ! Enjoy ~

See here : (sorry for the bad picture, I suck at this ;_;)

June 13, 2012

Annecy 2012 again

Hi guyz! Just a little review i did in the train back to Paris... (of course it's just a joke, don't take it like it's the real thing!)

June 10, 2012

Annecy festival of animated film 2012

Hi folks! If you follow my blog for long enough, you'd know that last year I went at Annecy festival of animated film. Well, I did it again! It was absolutely gorgeous! I saw a lot of movies, some I loved, some I appreciated, and of course, some I didn't, but that's okay. It's a very various selection so there is enough to please everyone's tastes. This year I saw John Karhs of course, Dawn Rivera-Ernstern, Gennie Rim, Patrick Osborne, and a lot of other animation-stars! And some local frenchie celebrities like Alain Chabat! I met wonderful people, and even some potential recruiters so, I hope to find a job! And I even got a t shirt of brave ♥

Here is a list of the movies/programs I saw and if you click on the pictures you will get the description (in french and english). There is the Paperman from Disney that I didn't saw (yet, i'm going tomorrow), it was only on invitation, i'm not vip enough (yet) ;p I saw all the other movies on the scans of the programs!

Cal arts : a 40-years evolution
spike and mike's twisted festival of animation
tangled ever after
short films 1
 short films 2
 the suicide shop
tad the lost explorer
children who chase lost voices from deep below
Ronal the barbarian
selkirk, el verdadero robinson crusoe
leafie, a hen into the wild
tv films 1
 tv films 3
 tv films 4

June 03, 2012

The castle upon the hill

The castle upon the hill! I spent a LOOOOOOOT of time on it.... Especially on the rocks of the castle ;_; I thought i was gonna die in front of my computer XD Enjoy ♥