April 28, 2011

star wars like

star wars like character for a daily topic on DA. i'm not very happy but that's the first i work without model so i hope i'll get better soon \o/

April 25, 2011

vala mal doran 2

here's another attempt of vala mal doran...
little bit better but not yet what i expect.

April 21, 2011



i wanted to work more on it but in this case i couldnt submit it for a contest entry, do i didnt ^^

April 18, 2011

April 11, 2011

daniel jackson

i tried to focus more on the face this time. Getting better but not yet what i'd like to. I'll do better next time^^

duration : 45min

April 10, 2011

vala mal doran

1hr.. not very satisfied with the head but nevermind. I'll do better next time :)
study of a picture of the character vala mal doran from stargate.

original pic easily findable on the internet ^^