July 17, 2011

Earth Godmother for sale on Etsy

I made this watercolor yesterday, I'm very happy of it. I tried to make this little earth godmother cute and mature at the same time, i think i've been successfull^^ Her red hairs are naturally falling in beautyfull curves, and her feet are wooden so she can become one with the entire earth at any time. Oh, and this original and unique artwork is 9x12 inches and for sale on Etsy ;)

If you wish more details and closeups  visit my Etsy ^^


  1. she is beautiful~!
    i love the colours.
    keep up the lovely work you talented being x

  2. @lauren : thank you, I'm happy you like it :)

    @David : hehe merci ^^

  3. Muchas gracias! Soy muy contenta que lo usted gusta! ♥
    (perdòn para mi español, hace mucho tiempo que no hablado!)