May 07, 2012

3D animation , I need feedback!

Hello! I made a 3D animation (very short I know!) and I need feedback on it... I did it over a tutorial I bought at the gnomon workshop but with tutorials doesn't come feedback... So, thanks in advance to all who is kind enough to help me by giving (constructive, of course) feedback! Thank you ♥


  1. I didn't realize that it was a WIP until I got to the end of the video. That helped me once I knew. The lip-sync should happen after you have the body animated and not just with the key motions blocked-in. That'll help to feel more of the emotion that you need to put into the face to get the emotion that you want. The arms' movement don't seem to add to the event, and it's a bit distracting to have the arms go up together and then all the way down for the one to only go back up. Maybe you could really stretch his posture to emphasize that first part instead of moving the arms. What do you think?

    1. Hello!

      Thank you for your comment! It is really nice to get feedback on our own work!

      Now that you say it I can see it! The movement of the arms is really bad and doesn't look quite natural. Maybe I should/could have him showing in front of him like "look around, it's really a mess"? Or maybe just stand where they are, I don't know... For the first part, you mean when he cries? I don't know, I would like an animation that looks "natural" and I'm afraid if I stretch it more it may look too theatrical. Anyway I can still try, I'm not THAT lazy lol!

      I will wait to receive a little bit more feedback and different opinions before I decide what I do with him! :)Once again, thanks for yours!

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