September 04, 2011

Aries watercolor illustration - zodiac sign 1 of 12

Hey! As I showed you few days ago, I was working on a serie of 12 illustrations : the 12 zodiaques. I tried to be creative and using cute girlies as usual, cause i like them a lot, you know it. Anyway, this is the first of the twelve watercolors i made, and i hope, as usual, you'll like it. This one is for those who are born between march 21st and april 20th : Aries. And, as usual, on sale on Etsy (and there are also some extra pictures if you want to check).

 The watercolors are not yet signed, I'll sign them when it's bought, that way the ink will be the same for the signature & the few words i'll write for the buyer if i'm asked for.

Here's an extra photo of the sketch i made first. I like those sketches because they are very rough and spontaneous!

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