September 26, 2011

And finally here is the complete set  :

Aries :
Taurus :
Gemini :
Cancer :
Leo :
Virgo :
Libra :
Scorpio :
Sagittarius :
Capricorn :
Aquarius :
Pisces :

ps : i cheated on you, right now i'm on holidays and i must certainly be swimming in the adriatic sea.... I'll be back soon with lots of new drawings ;)


  1. Great turn out! Leo and Aquarius turned out the coolest :) These illustrations turned out to be true to the astrology descriptions.

  2. @David : Merci !! :D

    @Jesse Soto Thanks a lot! I'm aquarius, but i must admitt that i prefer the Leo and pisces! I tried to be the closest possible to the descriptions, but to keep my own style too! I'm happy you enjoyed it! :)

  3. thia is so lovely... the girls look so pretty and i love the concept of making star signs!

  4. even the greek lady you made is very your work!