November 26, 2011

A contest !

Hello everyone! I have the pleasure to announce you that I'll be holding a contest !
The principle is very simple : just share my facebook page and/or blog with your facebook friends, or on twitter, or on your blog, or wherever you want in whatever way you find to share it, and leave me a comment here! I'll be picking one of the contestants and (s)he will win a commission from me (1character without bg), and a print from my etsy shop, and a little surprise too (and of course no shipping fees)! If there are more than 20 contestants, I'll add a 2nd place  with the winner, and (s)he will win a b&w sketch from me, and a little suprise!

My facebook page :

Here are some precisions :

-If you want to share it on more than 1 site, it's okay, you can cumulate the participations!! But please be sure to make 1 comment on the blog for 1 site, otherwise i might not see it correctly ^^"
-I'll be away from internet for a week, but if you have any question or any demand, leave a comment here and be sure I'll answer to all the comments when i get internet back (as always!) :)
-The contest starts right now and ends on wednesday, december, 7th at 00 am gmt / 4pm PST


  1. J'ai sharé ton blog sur mon fesse de bouc!!! XD

  2. shared... wish it can bring some people here ;)

  3. @June, David, Alice, Coyot, Zaratan : merci!

    @Anonymous : Thank you very much, I'm happy you like my blog ♥

  4. (but I'm sorry not to know you ... maybe you could sign in? I'm sorry I can not take your participation in count as "anonymous"...:( or just contact me by email : mamitamtam @ )

  5. Doesn't matter, I'm not here to really participate, just to cheer you on...

    By the way, it's not very hard to find who I am, even if we never met before.

    Keep it up :)

  6. I'm sorry I don't know how to do that...??? Are you Ty Carter?
    But if you don't wanna participate to the contest no problem :)