November 25, 2011

Prohibition Night!

Hey! I'm soon turning 25, so for the first time since more than the half of my life, I'll be giving a party!
This is the invitation (but sorry I had to blur the adress of course, we're on the internet, a lot of monsters and spies are there! No, I'm not crazy... or maybe I am? XD) Yeah I like costumed parties, and I decided that for my 1/4 of century, it'll be a prohibition night! 20's-30's in the US. I hope to see a lot of gangsters there ;p Maybe I'll try to make some fake dollars so I can swim in it XD (or maybe not....)

Anyway, here is the invitation I made for my friends :

1 comment:

  1. No jean allowed.....
    If someone come without, that doesn't mean he'll wearing something else. :D

    Have a nice party ! :D