June 10, 2012

Annecy festival of animated film 2012

Hi folks! If you follow my blog for long enough, you'd know that last year I went at Annecy festival of animated film. Well, I did it again! It was absolutely gorgeous! I saw a lot of movies, some I loved, some I appreciated, and of course, some I didn't, but that's okay. It's a very various selection so there is enough to please everyone's tastes. This year I saw John Karhs of course, Dawn Rivera-Ernstern, Gennie Rim, Patrick Osborne, and a lot of other animation-stars! And some local frenchie celebrities like Alain Chabat! I met wonderful people, and even some potential recruiters so, I hope to find a job! And I even got a t shirt of brave ♥

Here is a list of the movies/programs I saw and if you click on the pictures you will get the description (in french and english). There is the Paperman from Disney that I didn't saw (yet, i'm going tomorrow), it was only on invitation, i'm not vip enough (yet) ;p I saw all the other movies on the scans of the programs!

Cal arts : a 40-years evolution
spike and mike's twisted festival of animation
tangled ever after
short films 1
 short films 2
 the suicide shop
tad the lost explorer
children who chase lost voices from deep below
Ronal the barbarian
selkirk, el verdadero robinson crusoe
leafie, a hen into the wild
tv films 1
 tv films 3
 tv films 4

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